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On-Site Service

DougVanBay Cities Lock and Safe will do as much of your project’s work as we can in our own shop. We will do all the prep work (creating and setting up the masterkey system, entering all hardware/door data and cutting all keys in-house. We are available to go on-site for installations, security upgrades, re-keying, repairs and any other necessary work.

Our customers know without a doubt that we will get there promptly and we will do what it takes to get the job done.  We won’t do more than what is needed, but we won’t do less either.  They trust us to do the right thing for them.  We never take that trust for granted.

Many times a customer will call us and they are not sure exactly what they need done. Perhaps their security situation has gotten out of hand, perhaps they have experienced a loss or someone involved has proven untrustworthy…they just know they need something done! We then gladly go on-site, assess the situation and help determine exactly what kinds of products and technology would work best for their needs and their budget.  Then we design a system specifically for that customers’ situation.