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Record Keeping


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A masterkey system is only as good as its record keeping.

Your company may have a masterkey system. Where security begins to be breached is when you lose control of how many keys you have out there and who has access to what. Or when locks are moved around and records are not updated. Or worse, when records are unclear and rooms that should be secure from any given employee are keyed the same as other doors unknowingly.  So “Sam’s key” now works to let him into your server room.  You lose control!!!

When Bay Cities Lock and Safe creates a masterkey system for you, our record keeping is extensive. We have both hard copies and stored data regarding your system. No hard copy is labeled with anything that could connect your business name with your information. We maintain records that allow us to know every single lock in your building, what type of hardware is on it and how it is keyed. We can cross reference your door to your key. Every key that opens a door on the masterkey system has a code stamped on it.

One very efficient point of our masterkey system is that by giving us the code on the keys, we can cut and ship keys to you…usually the same day! We update your records at that time so that all information is constantly current. And only those authorized to order work/keys may do so.  This saves companies enormous amounts of money. No sending employees anywhere to get keys copied or pick up keys.  A simple email from an authorized person and the keys are on their way to you.

Without this record keeping being vigilantly maintained, security goes right out the window. As long as you keep us informed of what you are doing onsite…we have no problem maintaining this high level of record keeping for you.