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Electronic Locks

Electronic LocksBay Cities Lock and Safe has been providing Electronic Locks for our commercial clients for many years. There are a lot of benefits to Electronic Locks: no keys to keep track of, code or card accessability (in many systems a card or code can be disabled remotely from the central control panel), further, the lock system can actually track information that may be vital for your company.

One company we work with whom we cannot name was able to determine who was stealing gasoline from one of their yards and other thefts amounting to thousands and thousands of dollars by tracking the audit reports from their electronic keys on their doors and gates.  It provided enough evidence to prosecute the criminal (now ex employee).

These types of locks also offer a very important feature in today’s world.  Sadly there are times when time is of the essence to “lock down” or “lock out” someone.  With some electronic locks it can be done almost instantly.  Example:  Employee X has just been fired and is well known to be hostile, bordering on violent.  He refuses to “give back his key”.  If it is an electronic lock, a designated person can simply go in and turn Employee X’s key OFF.  There are several points to this.  One:  His key will not open doors it would open for him before.  Two:  It will show on a report if he came back later and tried to access any given door.  This can be valuable data in properly assessing your security needs in dealing with said Employee X.

There are many types and styles of Electronic Locks on the market – from simple push-button access control locks to card-reader activated locksets with electric strikes to fully computerized and remotely activated logging systems. A property manager or owner must find the right balance between security needs and the expediency of cost.

Each customer’s needs are different. We have the expertise to help you make the decision of which electronic hardware would work best for you.