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Restricted Key Systems

restricted-master-key-systems[1]Bay Cities Lock and Safe can provide you with restricted key systems. Simply stamping a key with “Do Not Duplicate” will not necessarily prevent someone from getting an unauthorized copy made. Some of our customers have learned that from hard experience until they came to us.

We have certain keys that can ONLY be cut in our location – an additional level of complexity in the key cylinder design means that only the shop that owns the compatible equipment AND the security code that was set up when the lock was installed can create a key that will work in that lock. This prevents someone from finding your key and going to any other locksmith or a hardware store and getting copies made.

We provide restricted key systems with many companies whose intellectual property is as valuable as any materials they may be dealing with, if not more so.  We also work with employers who are very interested in making certain that employees cannot duplicate keys for any reason.  In the event of an unpleasant ending to a working relationship or an employee that has criminal intent, making additional keys becomes close to impossible with a restricted key system.