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Master Keying GraphicVirtually any commercial building or facility can benefit from masterkeying.  Masterkeying is the process of taking a number of locks (from two locks to hundreds or even thousands) and creating a system that restricts who can go in what door. What kinds of situations require masterkeying?

  • A property manager takes over a building that has a serious lack of security. Unknown numbers of keys have been issued, no one has any idea of whose key opens what doors.
  • Or a professional office has no tracking of who has what keys. Perhaps employees have come and left, with no logging of keys issued and/or keys not turned in when they leave.  Again, a serious breach in security.
  • The facilities manager who carries around 20 pounds of keys, none of which are marked.  In a pinch he will spend valuable minutes trying key after key to determine WHICH key is needed for that vital door!

When Bay Cities Lock and Safe creates a masterkey system, we handle all of that and more!

We confer with you to help determine the best ways for your business or building to be keyed – a system that gives you and your staff the perfect balance between security and convenience. We then create a system that allows the property manager to have one key that opens everything, the janitor to have keys that allow appropriate access and each employee can be issued keys at their correct level of authorization.

A professional masterkey system is vital to the security and business continuity of any company or facility.